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  • localization testing practices

    User Interface (UI):The test is performed
    to check whether the user interface is neat
    and undistorted, and designed in such a
    way that it is comfortable for the locals.

  • localization testing examples

    User Experience (UX):The test is performed
    to check whether the formats of dates,
    addresses, measurements, currencies,
    quotation marks, etc, in order to deliver
    appropriate UX functionality. 

  • localisation testing example

    Script:The test is performed to check
    whether the software or website works with
    the required script in every way from the
    user interface to the content.

  • localization testing automation

    Cultural Considerations:Every culture has
    its own take on everything from religion to
    philosophy to superstition. The test is
    performed to check whether it is comfortable
    for locals.

  • how to do lolicazation testing

    Hardware Compatibility:The test is
    performed to check the compatibility of the
    software and the hardware toward the
    specific region.

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