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In recent years, game industry has developed rapidly. There are many kinds of games such as mobile game, computer game and console game, and the update and iteration speed is fast. How to present a high-quality game, reduce game bugs, crash and other issues, has become the key to attract players in the rapid development of game industry. To present a perfect game, game developers should debug in development process constantly and summarize their own success experiences.

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Integrated Game Testing Solution

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video game server testing

Server performance testing

Test server capacity and stability, and coordinate system
performance tuning to ensure smooth gaming experience.

video game localization testing

Localization Testing

Check each language version of the game, find, record, and
solve the bugs that appear in the localization process, so that
your game can retain players from all countries.

video game network testing

Network testing

Test the gaming experience, the consistency and accuracy of
gaming data under different network environments.

video game performance testing of client side

Client-side performance testing

Test and compare rivals and different versions to optimize
game performance.

video game compatibility testing

Compatibility testing

More than 600 devices, covering multiple brands and systems
to ensure that the game is compatible with mainstream
models in the market.

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