Integrated software testing solution

Total solution

offshore software testing solution
integrated quality assurance service

Offshore testing

Offshore testing

With rich testing experience accumulated in finance, real estate, e-commerce, game, logistics, catering and other industries, as well as a large number of project managers with industry background, we can complete the establishment and release of professional testing team in one day, solve the problem of personnel fluctuation and talent matching of enterprises, and pay on a per person per day basis which reduces the cost of employment greatly.

Cloud testing

Cloud testing

A large number of mobile intelligent devices deployed in the cloud can help cooperate customers to cover the vast majority of models with minimal cost to complete compatibility testing at low cost.

Crowdsourced testing

Crowdsourced testing

Based on 51Testing software testing portal, we can gather 40000+ graduate trainees and 1000000+ members, so as to respond to customers’ demands timely, match and drive project members efficiently. Environment, user type, testing type and other diversity problems of enterprises can be solved by exploratory testing.

Service process

software testing service process
how to provide software testing service
offshore software testing service process
Submission of demand
steps of software testing standard process of software testing services

Contact and communicate to customer service staff and submit testing demands

Feasibility analysis
qa testing feasibility analysis software testing feasibility analysis

Customer manager conducts feasibility analysis of customer demand. It will enter technical support if feasible.

Demand analysis
software testing demands analysis analyze software testing demands

Pre-sales support will analyze customer demands and communicate with customers in real time through teleconference and instant messaging tools.

Testing execution
perform software testing exeute software testing process

Project service team will implement testing process after analyzing demand documents, having a preliminary testing of the system under test and communicating with customers to obtain sufficient testing demands.

Result feedback
software testing result feedback software testing report

Project service team will submit testing report to customer according to testing results.

advantage of qa testing

Hard to match the number of people

Testing demands are volatile and the number of human resources is difficult to match

qa testing advantages

Hard to match the Personnel level

Testing demand are inconsistent, and level of testing engineers is difficult to match

difficulties of software testing

High personnel costs

Self-construction and training of testing team has a long cycle and high cost

high personel cost of software testing

Customized service

51Testing matches the level and scale of personnel according to testing demands with fast response

software testing engineers

Expert resources

Testing experts and testing engineers are very fixed with rich industry experience, which can guarantee testing effect

mature software testing process

Flexible model

51Testing provides a minimum of 1 person * day testing service with flexible model and unreserved fees

reduce software testing cost

Cost reduction

51Testing provides on-demand, pay-per-view services. Enterprises only need to pay for the occupied resources, which can reduce employee cost, idle cost, flow cost and employee welfare cost.

improve software quality

Quality improvement

Service flow for performance testing

performance testing service process
performance testing service flow
how to do performance testing
steps of performance testing
performance testing standard
Demand analysis

Identify demands → testing systems and modules

identify performance testing demands
how to provide performance testing
Testing planning

Prepare testing planning → Select testing tools → Allocate testing personnel Arrange testing environment → Arrange testing data

performance testing planning
how to make performance testing plan
Testing design

Prepare testing planning → Review functional design → Prepare testing cases Review testing cases

performance test cases
software performance test cases
Testing preparation

Check the built testing environment → Prepare testing data

performance testing environment
performance testing material
Testing execution

Smoke testing → Use case testing → Defect regression testing Total regression testing

smoke testing
regression testing
Result analysis

Collect defects → Summary and analyze problems → Evaluate system quality

evaluate software quality
improve software quality
Testing report

Fill in testing report → Knowledge precipitation

software testing report

Customer case

customer cases
software testing page bg
software testing services examples

Customer case

customer cases
software testing page bg
customer cases