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With the development of the Internet, the mode of education has changed dramatically. Schools and offline courses were closed due to the impact of epidemic, and online education also ushered in an opportunity. Many companies invest in online education. A lot of testing in early stage of online education is an important guarantee for the smooth implementation of online courses because e it relies on technical equipment and network.

Video & Audio

video and auodio qa testing

Live streaming is currently a very popular way of interaction on the internet. The unstopped capital investment makes live streaming a phenomenal and top market trend. With the development of live streaming, live streaming software emerges one after another. TikTok, Periscope, Livestream, StreamNow, Facebook Live, Instagram Live Stories…have hundreds of millions of users, which has also led to the demand for live streaming software testing.
The quality of a large number of live streaming software influence directly the development of this market. No one would be willing to watch a stuck, blurry live video with unsynchronized picture and sound.

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banking financial service and insurance domain qa testing


bfsi testing service

With the development of cross-border finance and Internet finance, various financial institutions have launched client applications. Compared with other Internet applications, software system of financial industry has the characteristics of high concentration, large scale, large in quantity, strong correlation between systems, complex business and rapid change of demand. Software testing with high standards and high demands can meet the demands of customers for high-quality service better.

Internet of Things

software testing service for internet of things

The Internet of things is further expanding in the world as more and more consumers accept smart home. Research of Stanford University shows that in 2020, about 66% of households in North America have at least one IOT device, accounting for 40% of global average. Software security and stability will also face great challenges due to great prospect of IOT. Software testing is one of the methods to ensure the future development of IOT industry and achieve all predicted goals.

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quality aussurance for healthcare platform and healthcare software

Medical service informatization is the international development trend. Gradual integration of application and basic network platform of medical business is becoming the new direction of large and medium-sized hospital informatization. With the development of medical informatization, more and more companies join medical industry and engage in research and development of related products of medical information. However, software testing with high standard and high demands ensures the security of medical equipment.


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With the gradual development of communication network technology, 5G life is getting closer to us. 5G is not only an evolution of communication technology, but also can benefit from the explosion effect brought by mutual integration of communication, computing and vertical industries. It will change many industries completely such as unmanned driving, digital medical, VR and smart home, and lead to new application scenarios and business models. High standard and high requirement software testing can meet the demands of customers for the development of telecom better.

5g network testing
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Real estate

real estate software testing company

Surveying the development of real estate market in recent years, more real estate enterprises are taking the road of regional expansion and diversified expansion, which puts forward higher demands for enterprise management as well. As an effective means for enterprises to improve operation management and realize scale expansion, information management has been attached great importance to by major real estate enterprises. A good enterprise level real estate information management system can not only help real estate enterprises standardize business processes and build a long-term customer relationship system, but also help real estate enterprises to analyze data scientifically, reduce costs and enhance core competitiveness of enterprises.


logistics software testing company

Modern logistics industry is a revolutionary industry based on modern transportation, supported by information technology, and characterized by systematization, informatization and standardization. Among them, systematization is the key of modern logistics enterprises. Whether there is a highly efficient and stable performance indicators of business and site management system, to a large extent, determines the distribution strength of logistics enterprise. Especially in recent years, the rapid development of e-commerce industry has led to rapid growth of logistics industry.

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